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MALL Energy provides power and generator solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential customers within a 150-mile radius of Gladewater, Texas!

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Since 2014, MALL Energy has ensured businesses and homes have had continuous power despite the elements thanks to our dependable generator systems. As a preferred leader in the power generation industry in East Texas, we offer regular maintenance programs as well as comprehensive repair services to ensure your power generation equipment remain operating at maximum efficiency and reliability.

Our experienced and professional staff are standing by and ready to assist you with any power generation needs you may have. MALL Energy is the one company for every aspect of your Power Generation needs, including:

  • Sizing, providing and installing Standby, Prime Power, Diesel, Natural Gas, and CHP generator sets
  • Automatic Transfer Switches from ASCO, Eaton, Thomson Technology, Zenith, Kohler
  • Proper application and control tuning of Paralleling Switchgear
  • Control Panel retrofits and troubleshooting
  • Service on all makes
  • Serving all industries (Industrial, Commercial, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Healthcare, Residential)

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What sets us apart!

The main factor that sets us apart from our competition is our innate competence when it comes to understanding and implementing power generation systems in East Texas and beyond. Whether that means sizing up and designing the appropriate equipment for your project or standing by your side to support your power generation needs after the initial sale, MALL Energy’s mission is to provide generator services in Gladewater and beyond, smoothly handling all your power generation needs for all makes and models.

Let us help you on your next project! MALL Energy has the right equipment for your specific power generation needs, and will ensure your generator system and controls are set up right the very first time. Browse our online catalog, check out our recent work, and contact MALL Energy today for your power and generator system needs today!

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