MALL Energy Projects

At MALL Energy, we specialize in supplying and servicing onsite electrical power generation equipment to meet all your commercial, industrial, and residential needs in Texarkana! Whether you’re looking for a new generator, generator repair, or generator maintenance services in Texarkana, we are your go-to generator service company.

MALL Energy has a long history of serving our Texarkana clients with the highest quality generator services in the industry. We use the finest equipment, have the most highly trained team of generator technicians on staff, and can ensure you get the timeliest and most cost-effective services possible every time.

Whether you are a business in the oil and gas industry, a hospital or other healthcare provider, or simply a homeowner looking for the peace of mind of owning your very own off-grid power generation system in Texarkana, you’re in the right frame of mind. An on-site generator system is an incredibly wise investment for any property owner to ensure you never have to worry about downtime – even if the whole power grid in your area fails.

Our goal is to establish a long-term working relationship with all of our Texarkana clients. That way, any time they need generator services like generator installation or maintenance, you’ll always know who to call. Contact MALL Energy today to learn more!